The Rockford Housing Authority’s Leadership Team would like to take a moment to let you know how we are feeling and how seriously we take our responsibility as an organization to help impact change. Based on the foundation of our organization’s Ten Core Values, one of the basic tenets is to work for a more equal and equitable community continuously. This is a journey. We at RHA are committed to listening, learning, and doing the work needed to move forward together. We put these values at the forefront of every plan, event, and project we do. We care about our employees, our residents, our strategic partners, and the greater Rockford Community.

At RHA, diversity and inclusion have always been the bedrock of our core values which help ensure that everyone sees themselves represented and included. It is a crucial part of who we are. Underlying the current economic and social disparities that exist which have accelerated and intensified during the global pandemic, we are committed to starting new conversations, listening intently, and always doing what is right. We believe it begins with the acknowledgment that ‘we do not have all the answers’ and the commitment to repeatedly learning and heeding messages we hear. We do believe that there is a need for a new era of truth and justice that starts with confronting our history of racial injustice in this country.

Internally, we are continually committed to The RHA Residents by providing strength in the crucial areas of training, education, external community partnerships, and individual development through our LIFE FORCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE program.

As a team, we keep our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts open about these issues. We believe that the best way to launch a future is to help provide the necessary resources individuals need. The leadership team is particularly proud of the RHA staff’s concerted efforts, who perpetuate honest dialogue about individual experiences on a variety of topics. Not only are we passionate about listening to our residents on these matters, but we also believe these discussions will help shape how we grow as an organization to support the broader Rockford community. Together, as a community, we must overcome all forms of racism, now and into the future.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Rockford Housing Authority Leadership Team

To learn more about ROCKFORD HOUSING AUTHORITY’S TEN CORE VALUES: https://rockfordha.org/about/